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Olga Marsó RRHH

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SRE / Sys Admin / Devops – Ref. 208A

Oferta de Treball: SRE / SYS ADMIN / DEVOPS

. Monitoring system performance and troubleshooting issues.
. Ensuring security and efficiency of IT infrastructure.
. Build, test and maintain the infrastructure and tools working on continuous deployment environments.
Key Responsibilities and General Duties:
. Manage network servers and technology tools.
. Monitor performance and maintain systems according to requirements.
. Troubleshoot issues and outages.
. Ensure security through acces controls, backups and firewalls.
. Build and set up new development tools and infrastructure.
. upgrade systems and apps with new releases.
. Automate and improve development and release processes.
. Ensure that systems are safe and secure against cybersecurity threats.
. Identify technical problems and software updates and «fixes».
. 24/7 with external company.
. Supplier management monitoring, control and optimization of costs.
. Management of microcomputers and data control and user access.
. 3+ year experience as SRE / Sys Admin & Devops.
. Advanced knowledge of Linux systems admin.
. Advanced Knowledge of Bash.
. Knowledge of Clud, Security and Monitoring.
. Knowledge of Docker and MySQL.
. Knowledge of Kafka and Redis.
. Knowledge of PHP.
. Knowledge of Terraform.
. Knowledge of Prometheus / Grafana.
. Barcelona.

Data de l’oferta: 17/10/2022